The Journey is the Destination.

道 (dào) translates as “path” or “way” and stands for the Chinese philosophy Daoism that has been a guiding star on my journey. Its twists and turns may seem surprising. Yet all have purpose. Nothing is ever lost. Talents, skills, experiences, encounters come together like a symphonic orchestra. In step with its tunes I grow and thrive. Balance within is key to navigate the changes of life.

Judith Bogner is a television presenter, event facilitator and commentator for international finance, business and geopolitics based between the UK and Germany. For more than ten years she was one of the main European anchors of the financial news channel Bloomberg Global Television in London. Since 2012 Judith runs her own business, offering event and business facilitation, mediation and commentating. Since 2014 Judith has expanded into acting: in July 2015 she celebrated her debut on the big screen as the “Chancellor’s Wife in Mission Impossible 5 “Rogue Nation”.


On Stage.

Lead. Speak. Facilitate.

A stage, no matter how simple or opulent, is an awe-inspiring space. It commands being totally present in the moment and with the audience. I find this deeply fulfilling.Together we draw out what needs to be said, questioned, shown or envisaged to meet the intention we set for this day, for this mission. No mission is impossible.

Being live on stage is Judith’s main area of work. It truly allows her gifts and experience to shine. Whether as chair for a public panel discussion, as host for a corporate client conference or speaker in her own right, Judith comfortably facilitates a productive flow of communication between opinions, personalities and nationalities.

On Stage

On Camera.

Anchor. Inform. Embody.

The camera has a magical way of drawing me in, like into a quantum world. I’m both wave and particle. The screen amplifies each detail. The audience seems far removed, yet in resonance. My preferred TV format is a meaningful conversation in places that shift our perspective. My favourite movie casting? Action, science fiction and political drama, please.

Judith discovered her gift for camera work in Spring 2001 when she became one of the European anchors for the financial news channel Bloomberg Global Television. For more than ten years she covered global business and finance through several economic cycles, the events of 9/11 and the breakdown of Lehman with its subsequent global fallout.

And then there’s Mission Impossible… 

On Camera

In The Boardroom.

Analyze. Strategize. Advise.

Remember Neo in “The Matrix” when he actually becomes aware of the matrix? That’s me. When looking at a company, institution, process or relationship, I see a fabric with structures and patterns. I see flow and potentials, cycles, rhythm, imbalances and deadlocks. From perceiving the fabric, solutions arise.

Client Advisory Boards, Strategy Development, Visioning, Mediation Conflict Resolution or Media Training – Judith Bogner is your perfect partner for all of them.

Judith has the gift to create a space in which all people feel safe, welcome and heard – regardless of their background, age, position, culture and beliefs. Add to that her long experience in global television and event moderation. This is why she’s just as familiar with cultural and generational contrast as she is with gender aspects and geopolitical areas of tension.

In The Boardroom


Adding Value.

My portfolio of services mirrors my multifaceted portfolio of talents, skills and experiences. Allow yourself to be inspired by what I have to offer. Feel free to ask. Questions draw forth new possibilities.


Ecosystem of Trust.

My clients honour me with their trust, respect and appreciation which I meet in kind. My intention is to always deliver my work with integrity and to the highest professional standard.

“Judith did a fabulous job moderating our Connected Ink event at the Umspannwerk, Alexanderplatz in Berlin on September 3, 2016. Judith guided the participants through the conference program in a charming and pleasant way, bridging perfectly between the various international speakers. We were very impressed by her extremely professional preparation and interest in becoming so familiar in the field of digital ink; that it seemed as if she had been working in this industry for many years. We would love to work with Judith again in the future.”

Stefan Kirmse, Senior Vice President Global Brand Management, Wacom




Allow yourself to be inspired by what I have to offer. Feel free to ask. Questions draw forth new possibilities. The journey is the destination.

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