In the Boardroom.

Business Facilitation & Mediation.

Why choose Judith as facilitator- mediator for your business meeting, conflict resolution or creative visioning session.

Judith brings to the table a wide range of experiences in international business, finance and media. As former TV presenter for an international financial news channel and skilled event host, she is a gifted communicator who makes those around her feel welcome and at ease – regardless of their background, their culture and beliefs.

Personable, calm and non-judgmental, Judith creates a safe space that allows people to relax and be comfortable. She is an excellent listener and intuitively asks the right questions that serve as stepping stones towards building a solution.

Judith’s cross-cultural background enables her to seamlessly navigate between different business cultures. She is bilingual in English and German, well versed in French and Italian and has working knowledge of Mandarin Chinese.

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Judith in her own words:

“Mediation is as old as the story of mankind. It is found in American tribal cultures, Celtic societies, ancient China and many other corners of the Earth wherever human beings need to figure out how to get along. You don’t need to become friends in the process. But you will find that you’re stuck on the same planet, so in the long run strife is not going to cut it. That’s why mediation has such a long history.”

“Through a simple process and confidential conversation the human beings behind the disagreement are seen, heard and called to actively come together in finding a solution that works for everybody present. Mediation allows space for creativity and understanding that may not be found in a courtroom.”

“I see my role as mediator as being the bridge between participants. I hold the space, I facilitate the conversation. I’m there to serve, free of judgment or expectation. No matter what the topic of the dispute may be, there is always potential for resolution.”

What is mediation?

Voluntary & Without Prejudice 

Mediation is a voluntary process in which participants work together to resolve a dispute. The process is confidential: the information shared cannot be used in court. It is also without prejudice: there is no admission of guilt. It is facilitated by a neutral intermediary – the mediator – who guides the participants through the process in an informal and non-judgmental way. The focus is on finding a solution that meets the needs of those involved in the dispute. Once an understanding has been reached, an agreement is drawn up by the participants themselves or their solicitors. Once signed, it becomes legally binding.


Growing evidence shows that the cost for a mediation is well below the expenses generated by pursuing a dispute in court. That relates to all types of dispute, both on a national and international level.


According to the 6th Mediation Audit published by CEDR in 2014, more than two thirds of of mediation cases are resolved on the day, some 11% shortly after (the combination of these numbers is similar to previous years).

The growing success of non-lawyer mediators

The same report also reflects that disputes are increasingly entrusted to a rising number of mediators from a non-legal background: Amongst working mediators, non-lawyers are a fast growing group – dominance of the profession by lawyers has now shrunk to 52%.

The latest CEDR mediation audit 2021 can be found here.

Areas of Expertise.

Judith is available for all types of business negotiations, disputes and creative visioning sessions. The following areas are a natural fit with her background and professional path:

International Media and Entertainment

Journalism/ Television/ Film

International Finance and Banking

European Cultural and Politics

Cultural and Spiritual Diversity

Interpersonal Relationships/ Business Relationships

Availability & Fees.

Judith is available for business facilitation, conflict resolution, negotiation and creative visioning sessions in the UK and internationally. Fees may vary depending on the number of participants, on the value of the dispute as well as length and location. Travel expenses may be added to the fees. The cost is usually split equally between participants. Please get in touch with Judith to discuss your requirements.

Terms and Conditions.

Mediations must be paid for in advance and take place under a signed mediation agreement which participants will receive upfront. The conditions mean that participants agree to keep the mediation confidential and that Judith as mediator cannot give evidence, be sued, or be called as a witness. Everyone agrees to attend in good faith and states that they have authority to settle. Mediation will take place at a venue chosen by the participiants and at an agreed time and date.

Judith is fully insured and abides by the European Code of Conduct for Mediators as well as the rules and professional standards of the Civil Mediation Council (CMC). This includes a complaint handling procedure which can be found here.